Online Ticketing System

The PrimeTix® online ticket system allows your patrons to buy tickets online at any hour of the day on your website. The entire web ticketing process is customized to the look and feel of your website, so your patrons feel safe while purchasing tickets online with the PrimeTix® secure online ticketing system.

Credit card payments for web ticket sales are processed through our fully secure system. Our company is fully PCI-DSS Compliant--the industry standard in security. Your patrons can rest easy knowing that their sales and sensitive data are securely handled in our online ticketing system.

PrimeTix® Online Ticketing System
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Online Ticketing Software

Our online ticketing software is synchronized in real-time with our box office software to prevent double-sales and ensures your patrons have a good experience ordering tickets online. Our web ticket software has been thoroughly tested by end customers and box office professionals to create an easy-to-use online ticket buying process.

The PrimeTix® internet sales service also integrates marketing and social networking into the online ticket sales process. Before the end customer begins their order we provide multiple ways to share an event through popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As patrons purchase tickets online, PrimeTix® provides space to promote upcoming shows and automatically includes additional events the patron may be interested in as an upsell.

PrimeTix® Online Ticketing Software